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The Problem-Solving Mayor Cape Coral Needs Now!


A final note from Tom Shadrach to his supporters

By November 9, 2022No Comments


I want to say thank you to the amazing voters, supporters, family, and friends. Thank you for all for your donations of time, talent and treasure during this campaign. A special thank you goes out to my wife Michele for giving her everything and believing in me unconditionally. Also, to Pam, Julia, Colleen, Susan, Denise, and Tim for the countless hours they put into this campaign. To Mayor John Gunter, it was a well-fought campaign and I look forward to working with you to deliver on the campaign promises we both made to the residents of Cape Coral and make this city shine for generations to come.

We came up short in the end by a fair amount, but we learned so much and can claim significant victories. This cycle we held the establishment’s feet to the fire and were integral to getting the rolled-back rate approved by the council. We shined a light on the deficiencies in the permitting, emergency management, and communications departments, also in the City Manager’s office. I pray this process gives us the pause we need to take a hard look at what needs to be fixed to provide better and more efficient services to our residents.

It was very encouraging to see our democracy at work. Voter turnout was amazing and to see Americans waiting hours to vote while still recovering from Hurricane Ian was humbling. Competition is good, uncontested elections make for weaker candidates and my hope and expectation is that this race will make Mayor Gunter a stronger and more accountable mayor. I look forward to seeing the many new promises and more fiscally conservative votes to come over the next four years from his seat on the council.

Most problematic to me were the large majorities that approved the three property tax increases on the ballot. This will be fuel for the council to increase our property taxes next year. Do all you can to hold your elected officials accountable for your tax dollars. Get involved and make your voices heard. If you wait until election season, you may find distractions and politics will drown your voice.

For those who know me well, you know I don’t make excuses, and certainly will not start with the outcome of the election. Michele and I look forward to resuming our retirement life and seeing everyone out in the community as life gets back to normal.

God Bless everyone, our city, state and country.


Tom Shadrach

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