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The Problem-Solving Mayor Cape Coral Needs Now!

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Breeze Question of the Week-Candidate Choice-How do you compare as a candidate in terms of experience and issues?

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How do you compare to your opponent on experience and issues?

Tom’s Response:

I am not endorsed by politicians, special interest groups, and employee unions. I have no special interest ties to my campaign or profession, just hard-working Cape Coral residents and business leaders. (My opponent simply lacks the professional experience to ensure that Cape Coral tax dollars are not wasted, I do.) I spent my 37-year career negotiating contracts with the largest governments on the planet with budgets 50% larger than the Cape Coral budget. I have the professional experience to ensure that Cape Coral tax dollars are not wasted. I will use my Masters of Finance degree and career experience managing 500 employees and billion-dollar budgets to lead this city into the economy of tomorrow. The city has overspent on most projects and years behind schedule. We need only to look at the parks GO bond, the Waste Pro contract, and city permitting to see that Cape Coral needs to be led by a fiscal conservative. (John Gunter voted to increase taxes in 2021) Taxes were increased in 2021, while I advocated for the rolled-back rate. I will work to lower taxes and hold the city accountable for costs and schedules while improving services to our residents.

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