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The Problem-Solving Mayor Cape Coral Needs Now!

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Breeze Question of the Week Old Golf Course


Should the city of Cape Coral continue to pursue purchase of the old golf course acreage? If so, for what purpose?

Tom’s Answer:

The property surrounding the old golf course is densely populated and adjacent residents bought their homes to live a “golfing” lifestyle. No resident or multi-family zoning should be allowed for this area. With the current Parks GO bond mismanagement, I cannot support buying this property just to let it sit vacant for 10-years or more. I would purchase the property on contingency of an environmental impact study determining the cost of mitigation. Once verified, only then would the city open the property to developers on a lease basis. This project must keep our residents in mind first! Suggestions are to re-open as a golf course, a botanical garden, restaurants, banquet center, recreation facility, etc. City ownership would add another burden to city taxpayers, that’s not the answer.

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