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The Problem-Solving Mayor Cape Coral Needs Now!

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Cape Coral Breeze Question of the Week: After Ian, what does the city need to do to pave the path to recovery?

By October 28, 2022November 1st, 2022No Comments


Hurricane Ian left Cape Coral with devastating damage and the challenges of a costly rebuild. What does the city need to do to pave the path to recovery?

Tom’s Response:

I would focus on getting all city-owned property repaired as quickly as possible. With area beaches devastated, our parks are a top priority. Many parks are still not open and those that are available are not safe with loose branches and debris. For future storms, I would have a stockpile of signs and streetlights and a team replacing them on day one, our roads are still not safe for our drivers. The Yacht Club pier, tennis courts, and pool need to be repaired and reopened quickly. The Boathouse Restaurant will reopen once repairs are complete, the city needs to get the parking lot open to meet our contractual obligations, similarly with Coral Oaks Golf Course. For the mental and physical health needs of our residents, our new parks under contract need to be finished. Gov. DeSantis stated, “things need to be done in parallel versus serially.” It is time for action, I will work with a sense of urgency. City leaders are already slipping back into a business-as-usual mindset. This is our moment to make the necessary repairs and expedite improvements to benefit the lives of Cape Coral residents.

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