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Council Approves Shadrach Public Comment Recommendation to Reduce Millage Rate

By July 28, 2022No Comments

The Cape Coral City Council approved my recommendation at Wednesday’s Public Hearing to submit an 11% reduction in the Millage rate for our TRIM notices versus the City Manager’s recommendation.  Tom Shadrach is already saving Cape Coral residents money!

Unfortunately, this is a clear example of how misleading or frankly untruthful the city management is with our residents.  The ordinance states that 6.250 (last year’s millage rate) is what is being proposed for this year’s budget…this is simply not true.  The Mayor and Council gave direction to the City Manager to build the 2023 budget at a millage rate between the Roll Back rate of 5.3694 and 5.5568.  The council was clear that no one wants the millage rate to be 6.250, but here is the proposed notice to Lee County for the TRIM notice.  It is supposed to be the TRUTH.  What is the hidden agenda with their message. Tom did the math and you can see for yourself.

You can email Tom at with any questions.

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