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The Problem-Solving Mayor Cape Coral Needs Now!


John Gunter breaks Pledge of Civility, Tom Shadrach calls for Mayor to respect all city employees

Cape Coral Residents, 

During the Joint City Council and Budget Review Workshop on Wednesday, July 21, the mayor ambushed the City Manager and his Finance team for not being forthright and honest with next years budget information.  Blindsiding Mr. Hernandez in a public setting was inappropriate and unbecoming of the office of the mayor.  Every Agenda for the Council Meetings starts with a “PLEDGE OF CIVILITY,” this was clearly violated by the mayor.   Cape Coral has major issues with numerous cost overruns, delays with all projects, and lack of transparency.  Its interesting that John Gunter is now distancing himself from his own deficiencies and casting blame at the City Manager for Cape Coral’s problems.  Just a reminder, it was this mayor and council who agreed to hire him and maintained oversight for the last two plus years. 

As a leader within The Boeing Company for 37 years, I led government funded programs of 500 global team-members and budgets of over $1.5 Billion. I can honestly say that I would never have publicly admonished a member of my team in a public forum like that. Cape Coral employees deserve respect at any level by their elected leaders. 

Six months after the EnerGov permitting system rollout, the mayor is now just criticizing the Mr. Hernandez for his leadership.  Where was the oversight of the council when this decision was made to prematurely roll-out a new system when permitting was already stressed to the maximum.  How did they not see this happening?  Our question to the Mayor and Council is, “why are you just now getting around to addressing this issue?”  (see link to article below)

I have been working to bring issues to light for the past year.  I expressed my concerns to the council and city management, and they ignored my concerns.  That is why I am running for mayor; these issues were obvious a year ago.  It is clear the council does not have the experience, controls, or time to oversee what a city of this size is doing.

I know you are as frustrated as I am that this government cannot provide these basic services in a timely fashion. This is one more example of why current leadership is not up to the challenge. City Hall and every city employee are there for one reason, to serve our community.  As Mayor, I will remove red tape, get the departments what they need to do their jobs with the people in mind, and hold accountable our vendors and leaders who are not up to the challenge. 

God bless Cape Coral and God bless the United States.

Tom Shadrach

Candidate for Mayor of Cape Coral


Link to YouTube Video of 7/20/22 Joint Budget Review Workshop

Mayor Gunter’s Comments on performance of his City Manager: 1:58:34 – 02:02:23
City Manager Hernandez’ response to Mayor Gunter’s accusations of malfeasance: 2:11:50 – 02:17:49

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