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The Problem-Solving Mayor Cape Coral Needs Now!


Open letter to supporters from Tom Shadrach

By November 8, 2022No Comments


Today the stage is set for a battle for the fiscal well-being of Cape Coral. For the past six months I have dedicated my time and treasure to one goal, serving you and this great city we all love. Tomorrow, with your help, we will wake up in a city that told special interests that we will no longer accept excuses. Project delays, permitting debacles, wasteful spending, and rolling over on contact negotiations are not tolerated any more in Cape Coral.

I need your help to make that happen. Hurricane Ian has disrupted everyone’s lives and I know it may seem like your vote won’t count but it will. Take a moment to make ensure new leadership is given the chance to fix the failures of the past and take Cape Coral into a safer and prosperous tomorrow.

I will work to make every voice heard and show you the respect you deserve as a taxpayer. I will take my 37 years of navigating the largest bureaucracies on the planet to streamline this city and never again make excuses. We will have a plan, we will hold leaders accountable, and we will make Cape Coral the financial envy of Florida’s municipalities.

God bless you and God bless Cape Coral,

Tom Shadrach
Candidate for Cape Coral Mayor

Tom and Michele Shadrach invite the media and supporters to Burnt Store Tavern in Cape Coral at 7pm on Tuesday evening to watch election returns and celebrate the end of a hard-fought battle and the beginning of a new era for Cape Coral. Burnt Store Tavern is location at 3015 SW Pine Island Rd Suite #101 in Cape Coral, FL, in the Publix Plaza at Pine Island Road and Burnt Store Road.

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