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The Problem-Solving Mayor Cape Coral Needs Now!

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Tom On Location: John Gunter is misleading Cape Coral voters with tax statements.

By October 21, 2022No Comments

I am Tom Shadrach, and I am running for Mayor of Cape Coral.

My opponent recently advertised that as mayor, he provided the largest tax cut in Cape Coral’s history. This is simply untrue and a misleading statement. He and the council approved the Millage Rolled back rate that I advocated for all year as a member of the Budget Review Committee.

This millage rate did not reduce tax dollars but kept property taxes (on average) the same for residents who have lived here for more than one year. New home sales allowed an increase in property tax dollars of $7.4 Million or a 6.4% increase. The lowering of the millage rate is offset by the record 24% increase in assessed property values in the city. The state has a law on the books called the Truth in Millage (TRIM) Act. This law was designed to inform property owners of the truth to counter these misleading statements by taxing authorities and politicians.

As you can see, it did not deter my opponent from using misleading tactics to trusting voters. I am an advocate for you, and I vow to never use misleading statistics and follow the law. I will work hard to give you an honest and transparent city government.

Please vote for Tom Shadrach for Mayor of Cape Coral.

Thank you and God Bless.

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