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The Problem-Solving Mayor Cape Coral Needs Now!


Tom Shadrach provides his take on ballot referendums and amendments in this election cycle.

By October 10, 2022No Comments

Hello friends and supporters,

I have been getting questions and request for my opinion on the State Amendments, County, and Cape Coral Referendums.  Here is my take on them:

State amendment allowing no property tax assessment increase for improvements to resist flooding by residents

I recommend a NO vote. This is a tax increase for everyone else that does not benefit from this. This is similar to the tuition debt forgiveness. If you paid more to already have a more protected or newer home, then you will pay more taxes to compensate for this benefit to the few. Plus the cost of administrating this exemption will require more government staff.

Abolishing the Constitution Revision Commission

I recommend a YES vote. This removes another bureaucratic political appointed group. Revisions will still be allowed by other means.

Additional Homestead Tax Exemption for Public Service workforce

I recommend a NO vote. This is another tax increase for everyone not benefitting from this. This amendment allows an additional $50,000 in Homestead Exemptions off assessed property taxes for teachers, first responders and active duty military. I agree we need to better support our public service workers, but increasing our property taxes to do so is not the right answer. This will increase cost to businesses and renters. This will not help people entering these critical occupations since most will start their careers as renters.   This will also require more government employees to administer this exemption.  This type of amendment reduces capitalism and promotes socialism.

Lee County School District Referendum to “elect” a superintendent of schools

I recommend a NO vote. We should focus on electing “good” School Board members who then appoint the most qualified candidate to operate a $2 Billion a year district.  The good news about an appointed person is that they can easily be removed by a board vote. Making this position an elected position brings politics and special interest into play and favors the candidate with the most money versus the best person for the job. I prefer the current method but we need better school board members.

Cape Coral Referendum on business property tax exemptions

I recommend a NO vote. This will be another tax increase to help a business grow or bring in a new business. Cape Coral has a lot of other things to improve before offering tax incentives. We have started to beef up our communications and business development offices and added the new Cape Competes board to find ways to make Cape Coral more businesses friendly. These are all good first steps. Giving a tax incentive is a last resort and a method for a declining city versus one that is growing like Cape Coral.


God bless everyone and thank you for being an informed voter.

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