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The Problem-Solving Mayor Cape Coral Needs Now!


Tom Shadrach’s “Pick One Plan” pitched to Council, six options to not increase taxes in a recession

By August 17, 2022No Comments

Could it really be this simple? The math doesn’t lie and Tom Shadrach went through the revised FY 2023 budget and found six items where proposed increases are not necessary and can be cut to ensure Cape Coral residents do not see a tax increase next year.

Pick-One (and Done) Plan

Here they are, all we need is to choose one. As a member of the Citizen Budget Review Committee, Tom Shadrach has put his 37-years of contract negotiation and management of a $1.5 Billion budget to find ways to keep Cape Coral growing and commit to not raising taxes in FY 2023. Below are the simplest ways to do it. The fact is, not one of these are actual cuts. They are only cuts to proposed increases and with our growth, we do not need to burden the taxpayer more than they already are. Huge inflation, soaring gas prices, 30% increases in utility bills, and a recession…it is enough and now is the time give them a break. It is irresponsible of the City Council and Mayor Gunter to even consider a tax increase at this time.

All we need to do is pick one of these or we can pick a few to only reduce enough to cover the $4.2 million we need to make this happen. None of these will require a reduction of services to residents of Cape Coral.

  • Reduce Personnel & Operating Budget By 2% Points: Saves $4.2 Million
  • Keep City Pension Fund Contributions at 2022 Levels: Saves $5.1 Million
  • Keep Parks Maintenance Budget & Staff at 2022 Levels: Saves $4.4 Million
    • Approved for parks that do not yet exist or are not going to be ready for FY 2023, could revisit for FY 2024 or beyond
  • Fund reserves at 2.25 months instead of 2.5 months: Saves $4.1 Million
  • Increase revenue projections: PST & Franchise Fees (25%): Saves $4.1 Million
  • Start Studies and Initial Designs with Volunteer Committees: Saves $4.1 Million

“This is my pledge to you, I will work every day as your mayor to find ways to cut waste and save you money. I will not just accept what the City Manager says, but take the time to read the budget and make common sense decisions to safeguard your hard-earned money.”

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